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Inflation Rate Multiplier for 2024. Assessment Year

Poverty Exemption Application

Michigan Property Exemption Statutes allow an Exemption form Property tax in whole or in part, for the Principal Residence of a Property persons who in the judgement of the Board of Review are unable to contribute to the public charges.

An owner with a principal residence exemption may request a poverty exemption at the March, July, or December meetings of the Board of Review. The exemption if granted is only for that one specific year.

The exemption is based on household income added for all persons that reside at the property. The exemption can be granted by the Board of Review under the Northfield Township Poverty Exemption Resolution.

The Poverty Guidelines and Application are available with the other forms on this site please see the link below.

Revised 2024-02-13.

     2023 Poverty Exemption Policy, Guidelines and Application
     Resolution 23-669  2023 Poverty Exemption Guidelines

     2024 Poverty Exemption Policy, Guidelines and Application
     Resolution 24-693 2024 Poverty Exemption Guidelines

The Board of Review & the Assessment Appeal Process

Every year in February, assessment notices are mailed to all property owners in the Township.  The Board of Review reviews the assessment roll received from the Assessor for complete, accurate, uniform and valid data. Appeals of assessed or taxable values placed on property by the Assessor may be made to the Board of Review in March each year. The Board of Review has authority to hear appeals for classification, tax exempt or non-exempt status, equity (all properties to be assessed at 50% of True Cash Value), poverty and valuation. The majority of appeals are for valuation. The Board of Review has no control over millage rates or property taxes.  If you wish to appear before the March Board of Review, an appointment is necessary. Please phone the Assessing office at (734) 449-2880 for an appointment.

The Board of Review has two other annual meetings, one in July and one in December. The July and December Boards of Review have the authority over clerical errors, mutual mistakes of fact, and situations involving poverty exemptions, principal residence exemptions and qualified agricultural property exemptions.

Board of Review Meetings Schedule  


Scott Chisholm
L.J. Walter
Gabrielle Genovesi

Joe Dixon, Alternate
VACANCY, Alternate

(All members serve a 2-year term ending December 2024)