Northfield Community Park

Park Construction - Phase 1:
In March of 2022, Northfield Township was awarded an MDNR Trust Fund Grant in the amount of $300,000.00 to create a paved park entrance with a village green feel, paved parking and connected pathways.  As part of the grant agreement, the township approved a match of $130,000.00 to come from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds received by the township.  This project is shown in orange in the image below.
In December 2022, we received the Connecting Communities Grant from Washtenaw County Parks for the feasibility and construction of a non-motorized trail to connect the planned trail from the MDNR Grant Project above to the Play Path on Barker Road.  This project is shown in green in the image below. This grant provides $25,000.00 for engineering fees and $200,000.00 for construction costs.  A township match of $150,000.00 from ARPA funding will go toward this project.

NEW FUNDING received in July 2023!  The township received a GMAR Placemaking Grant in the amount of $3000 for placing shade structures in the park, and a Building Healthy Places Grant in the amount of $46,500 for placement of recreation and fitness equipment along the trails being constructed at the park.

Funding Source   Funding Amount
MDNR Grant $300,000.00
ARPA Fund Match to MDNR Grant $130,000.00
Connecting Communities Grant $225,000.00
ARPA Fund Match to CC Grant $150,000.00
GMAR Placemaking Grant $3,000.00
Building Healthy Places Grant $46,500.00
TOTAL FUNDING   $854,500.00

**UPDATE** A Pre-construction meeting was held in August for the MDNR Parking and Pathways Grant Project.  Construction is expected to begin soon with substantial completion expected by October 15th and final completion by November 15th!  The Connecting Communities Pathway Project is expected to begin in Spring 2024

Click here to view photos from our July 14, 2023 Ground Breaking Celebration!

The Township is continuing to look and apply for other grants and funding opportunities for the Community Park with the focus being on the next stages of construction.  This includes the potential addition of some public amenities such as permanent restrooms and /or a pavilion or amphitheater for public use, grilling/picnic area(s), play and/or fitness area(s), etc.  Future proposed projects are shown in pink in the image below.

Community Park Billboard


     A Township owned lakefront property had been a discussion topic for many years.  When a large property on the lake came up for sale under market value, the Township Board of Trustees decided to purchase the 23 acres, which are located next to the Post Office in Whitmore Lake.  

   On October 23, 2016, The Downtown Planning Group organized a Ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the purchase of this property, and to get public feedback about what they would like to see done with this area.  It was a huge success, complete with music from the Whitmore Lake High School Marching Band, and Trunk-or Treating for the kids!  (Pictures below)

   In September 2021, Johnson Hill Land Ethics Studio was contracted to head up designing and planning the Northfield Community Park. The Northfield Township Parks and Recreation Board held a Special Meeting on January 6, 2022 to review the comprehensive park plan and regional trail connections provided. The Parks & Recreation Board and Board of Trustees received feedback from the community and heard many comments from residents concerning the design plan.  After some discussion, the Parks & Recreation Board voted unanimously to recommend the revised plan to the Board of Trustees for final approval. 

   Johnson Hill presented the Community Park design plan to the Board of Trustees on January 25, 2022. Some proposed features of the future park include a pier and a small public beach, path connections to a Main Street crosswalk, bike racks, restrooms, a pavilion, three potential open turf areas for a playground, passive recreation and picnicking areas, and overflow parking / space for a farmer’s market. The Board voted 6-0 approving the park design/layout with a couple of amendments - to move the parking lot as far south toward the Post Office as possible and to move the commercial parcel from the south side of the park area over to the north side along Al Dente Pasta’s property line.  Approval of the park design plan allows Johnson Hill and the Parks & Recreation Board to move forward with securing grants and other funding, and begin construction planning for the park, which will be completed in phases.

The Parks & Recreation Board met again on January 27, 2022 to discuss next steps, and review rough cost estimates for construction of the park and regional trail connections.  We continue to plan and look for grant opportunities to allow us to construct the many amenities the township has been requesting.


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