Downtown Planning


Northfield Township recently purchased 23 acres in Downtown Whitmore Lake, including a small portion of a much desired lakefront.  Now that we have the land, known as the North Village, what can we do to further energize our little town?  In 2015, The Downtown Planning Group was formed to help identify opportunities for Downtown Whitmore Lake and to come up with new and innovative plans to revitalize our hamlet area.  They have been hard at work, collaborating with the DDA, the Board of Trustees, and the township planners McKenna Associates to come up with implementation plans for not only that 23 acres, but for the entire downtown area.

Along the left side of this page you will find the fruits of our labors.  The two biggest products have been the Downtown Strategic Action Plan highlighting development opportunities in our hamlet area and the North Village RFP offering an innovative mixed-use development strategy for the North Village, all while still keeping with our small town, rural feel.  

We invite you to take a look at what we have put together!  We welcome your input and ideas as we create a fresh, inviting Whitmore Lake community.