Land Preservation Committee

Northfield Township Land Preservation Committee

Northfield Township is a beautiful place to live, work, and play, so it is no surprise residents are proud of our lakes, forests, wetlands, and fertile agricultural grounds.  We enjoy the rural character, scenic value, and the critical food security provided by our small family farms. Green spaces provide not only scenic views, locally grown produce, and field crops, but also the important ecological infrastructures that protect water, soil, and wildlife habitats. Over the years, resident surveys consistently show protecting lands and farms is a top priority.

In 2017, the Northfield Township Board of Trustees created the Land Preservation Committee (LPC) to explore ways to protect rural lands. The LPC consists of seven board appointed volunteers with varying experiences and backgrounds who share a love of natural beauty. The LPC hosts monthly meetings, which are open to the public. (Refer to the Land Preservation Meeting Schedule link on the left for more information.)

 Our mission is to protect and sustain Northfield Township’s unique beauty and rural character for current residents and future generations through the preservation of farmlands, wetlands, and key natural areas, the continued support to our local farmers, and educational outreach for the entire township.

We recognize the value of family farms and open spaces and we are committed to preserving a green future of our community.

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