Parks & Recreation Community Survey

     The Parks and Recreation Board has been engaged in the lengthy process of updating Northfield Township’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  As part of this process, it is our intent to gather input from the whole community, ensuring that participation is representative of multiple subsets of Northfield Township.  We recognize that while we are all part of Northfield Township, the views of those living in the southern, rural portion of the Township might vastly differ from those in the more urbanized hamlet area.  Recreation assets for someone living on one of our many lakes are much different from those in one of the newer subdivisions.  Not only is it important that all these groups are represented within our planning process, but also our implementation specifics need to address differing group’s needs. 

     With this diversity in mind, the plan will look to more effectively bridge the gap between planning, and action-oriented implementation strategies.  The philosophy is simple; planning should focus on identifying solutions to existing and future problems, not deliver recommendations that require additional planning efforts.

     We appreciate you taking the time to aid us in this process by completing the survey below.  PLEASE NOTE - The personal information gathered in this survey will be used for demographic purposes only, and will not be shared with any other entity.

General Information                                                                                                                          

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Based on the Map below, in which "Sub Area" of Northfield Twp. are you located? 
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Recreation Assets                                                                                                                              

     Within Northfield Township a number of recreational opportunities exist; nature preserves, various lakes, biking opportunities, outdoor recreation, and winter activities, to name a few.  Surrounding Northfield; Ann Arbor, Brighton and other communities offer an array of opportunities, some that are profit oriented and others that are municipally funded.  Taking all of the area’s surrounding assets into consideration, please answer the following question.

Does Northfield Township need to focus on improving, and adding additional recreational assets?

Funding Options                                                                                                                                

     The Parks & Recreation Commission is not funded by the Township.  In order for us to develop any future projects or programming, we would need to generate funds in some other manner.  Our last few projects (such as the Bark Park) were funded solely by donations and volunteer work from our generous community members.  With that in mind, which of the following options would you be willing to support for future projects?

For Physical assets (such as park development, equipment, etc.) I would support funding through:

For Programming assets (such as activities or sport leagues organized and run by the Parks & Recreation Commission, etc.) I would support funding through:

Guiding Principles and Goals                                                                                                               

Below are 13 focus points we believe are of importance to the residents of Northfield Township.  Please order the items from 1-13, with 1 being the most important to you, and 13 being the least important.

  * The Township should act as a common area for information on Parks & Rec Programming and projects including (but not limited to): Parks & Rec Calendar of Events; Facebook page; Newsletter; E-mail list.  
  * Given our proximity to recreational assets around the region and the various opportunities present in Northfield Township (including activities in Brighton, Ann Arbor, etc.), marketing and promotional materials should represent Northfield Township as an area with an abundance of assets.
  *  Our marketing materials should represent Northfield Township as a highly recreational area with a focus on our natural beauty.   
  *  The Parks & Rec Commission should create better pedestrian linkages between the library, the schools, and the hamlet area.   
  *  The Parks & Rec Commission should create better pedestrian and bicycle pathways that link surrounding communities, such as: Linking the Border to Border Trail; Rails to Trails connections; Link existing trails to Ann Arbor, Green Oak, and surrounding municipalities with quality trail systems.   
  *  The Parks & Rec Commission should create and promote a trail system that is multi-seasonal (i.e. ability to utilize trails in autumn for fall color tours, in winter for cross-country skiing, etc.).   
  *  The Parks & Rec Commission should focus on opening Whitmore Lake up to the public by creating a public access point and/or lakefront park.   
  *  The Parks & Rec Commission should focus on physical park assets in the hamlet area. 
  *  The Parks & Rec Commission should be a leader in creating programming coalitions between different entities within the community (i.e. library, schools, etc.)   
  *  The Parks & Rec Commission should utilize and develop properties already owned by the Township: 75 Barker; Fire Station 2; Property in the Old Whitmore Lake Summer Homes subdivision; etc.   
  *  The Parks & Rec Commission should coordinate with the Community Center, Library, and Community Education Center for programming involving Parks & Rec assets.   
  *  The Parks & Rec Commission should focus on developing passive recreational opportunities such as trails, picnic areas, and nature parks.   
  * The Parks & Rec Commission should focus on developing active recreational opportunities such as BMX parks, a Frisbee golf course, bocce ball courts, etc. 

Your Comments                                                                                                                                 

Please list any additional Guiding Principles you feel should be included in the list above.

Are there any specific projects you'd like to see in Northfield Township with relation to the Guiding Principles listed above?

Any Additional Comments?

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