Parent Guide to Fentanyl

DRS & Addicted.org is a company and website that has been spreading drug education for 20 years. We recently created a Parent’s Guide to Fentanyl to help individuals learn more about this drug and provide tips to help educate children.

The resource includes:

  • Tips for Parents
  • Information on Fentanyl
  • Online Safety Tools
  • Helpful Videos & Articles
Protecting Children From Online Drug Dealers: This resource provides essential tools to safeguard children online, including the risks of social media, the "Emoji code" to identify online drug dealing, insights into the dark web, and other online safety measures. It also has an informative video that goes in-depth about this subject.

These resources have a Printable 3-fold pamphlet available in English and Spanish.

Beware of the Tax Bill Scam

Click this link to read an article on the WHMI website regarding a Tax Bill Scam happening in our township. TAX BILL SCAM

In Need of Help Call   2-1-1

Northfield Township Police want to remind our Community members that the United Way supports a free service linking people with assistance.  With COVID back on the upswing and freezing temperatures, one might find themselves feeling helpless.  One three-digit number (2-1-1) may be your answer to finding food, paying bills, discussing mental health issues related to COVID concerns and receiving assistance with medical expenses.

Youth Assistance

Helping Young People age 10-24 the Ozone House offers assistance for our youth and resources for parents.  A free confidential Crisis Line is available 24 hours a day-734- 662-2222  www.ozonehouse.org – an option that may help your family.

Mental Health Assistance 

Washtenaw County Community Mental Health – 24/7 - Crisis Services 734 544 3050

CARESCrisis Access to mental health services Resources connections Engagement with community  Support to individual needs - serving Washtenaw County  www.washtenaw.org/WCCMH - can Assist Adults with severe & persistent mental illness and children with severe emotional disturbances.  

Check out the Better Business Bureau's Website

BBB Scam Alert: Want a COVID-19 test? There's a scam for that.

BBB Tip: New year, new finances!

Also, stay connected to the Federal Trade Commission's website to report FRAUD, IDENTITY THEFT, and other Consumer Alerts!