Treasurer's Office

Welcome to the Treasurer’s Office

The Township Treasurer is an elected member of the Northfield Township Board.  The Treasurer attends the Township Board Meetings and has a vote on all proposals that come before the Board.  The Treasurer is required to appoint a Deputy Treasurer.

The statutory duties of the Treasurer include collecting the real and personal property taxes, sewer bill payments, building permit fees, and all other miscellaneous revenue due to the Township. The Treasurer is responsible for the disbursement of funds and the investing of surplus funds in approved investment vehicles. It is the duty of the Treasurer to protect the monetary assets of the taxpayers of Northfield Township.

Our staff is here to help residents understand taxes and the billing process. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Click on the link for information regarding the Michigan STEP FORWARD MICHIGAN  for financial help with mortgages, property taxes, or condominium association dues.
Summer taxes are mailed by July 1st and are due by September 14th of every year.  Winter taxes are mailed by December 1st and are due by February 14th of the following year.  After the due date of each season's taxes, 1% interest fees begin to accrue monthly.  On February 15th, a 3% penalty fee is added.  If any of the above dates fall on a weekend or holiday, taxes are sent or due the next business day.  

Payments can be made by cash, check, money order or credit/debit card.  All payment types can be accepted at our office Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm (closed daily from 1:00-1:30pm for lunch).  Checks can also be deposited in our 24 hour drop box in the vestibule of the Township Offices at 8350 Main St.  Credit/debit cards can be processed at the Township offices, online, or by phone.  A processing fee applies for all credit/debit card transactions - 3% for tax payments.  Any payments mailed to the office must be received by the due date.  The Township does not accept post marks as the payment date.  

Click here for the link to 'Online Payments'.  For phone payments, please call 1-833-733-6290.  

After February 28th, all unpaid taxes are sent to Washtenaw County as delinquent.  At that point, taxes are due and payable to the County only, and cannot be accepted at the Township offices.  The County will mail statements with their fees included.  Payment address: Washtenaw County, 200 N. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48107.  Questions? Please call 734-222-6600.

Deferring payment on taxes to a later date is available to some homeowners.  You must certify that you meet all the criteria to qualify for a deferment.  The form must be completed, signed, and returned to our office before the tax due date for each season.  Don't forget to list the tax year at the top of the form.  Click here for the Deferment Form.

Township Treasurer, Jacqueline Otto:
734-449-2880 ext. 142

Deputy Treasurer, Stacie MacDonald:
734-449-2880 ext. 114

If you wish to make a mailing address and/or name change on a tax billing, you must complete the Township's Address Change Form and return it to the Township Office,
8350 Main St., Whitmore Lake, MI 48189.  
All name changes on tax billings are completed by the Assessing Department and require a copy of the deed for processing.