How do I register a gun?

If you have a Concealed Pistol License, you can download a Pistol Sales Record here.  Complete all copies together with the seller and turn the "registry" copy in to your local police department within 10 calendar days of the transaction date/date of sale. If you DON'T have a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) and are purchasing a gun from a non-FFL (federally licensed firearms dealer), you must first come in to the Northfield Township Police Department and apply for a License to Purchase a Pistol.  You must present a valid Michigan photo ID, complete some brief paperwork and pass a background check.  If you are approved, your permit will be valid for 30 calendar days.  Once you have made your purchase, the MSP copy must be turned in to your local police department within 10 calendar days. If you DON'T have a CPL and are purchasing from a FFL, you may now go directly to the FFL to purchase the handgun.  There is no longer a need to acquire a License to Purchase is buying from a FFL.  They will complete a Pistol Sales Record for you, which you must submit to your local police department within 10 calendar days of the date of purchase.
Do I need appointment to get my fingerprints taken?

 No appointment is necessary, however please contact the station to confirm an officer is available. 
  • Court Ordered=$0.00
  • Ink Fingerprints=$10.00
  • LiveScan Fingerprints=$53.25 Northfield Township Residents $78.25 Non-Resident
Fees can be paid by Cash or Check only.
I locked myself out of my car, HELP!

Northfield Township police officers are equipped to assist you (in most cases) in gaining entry into your locked vehicle located within Northfield Township. We offer this service FREE OF CHARGE 24 hours per day.  Call the station at 734-449-9911.
How do I request a residence check for an extended time away from my home?

Use the 
Vacation Watch Form if you plan to go out of town for an extended period of time and would like us to check on your property periodically while you're away.
How do I obtain a crash report?

How do I pay a traffic ticket?

 If you received a traffic ticket and wish to pay it on-line, click here for the link to the 14A-3 District Court Traffic Ticket Payment website
How do I schedule a Ride-A-Long?

Click here for the Ride-a-Long form. Please read and complete the forms and submit them via fax or email.
Do you have a notary on staff?

The Northfield Township Police Department can provide notary services during business hours. However, there may be an occasion that we are unable to fulfil this service. Please contact the office at 734-449-9911 to confirm notary services are available.
How do I file an online report?

Please read the information below and then click hereThe following reports can be filed online.  All other non-emergency reports can be made by contacting Central Dispatch at (734) 994-2911.
How do I request traffic enforcement on a public road?

Use our Traffic Enforcement Request Form to let us know of specific problem areas within the township that need special attention due to traffic violations. (Police are not able to enforce on private roads.)
  • Harassing phone calls/No known suspects
  • Theft/No known suspects (not home/business entered illegally)
  • Vandalism/No known suspects
  • Private property traffic crash
  • Lost/Damaged property
I found a wallet, what do I do?

Did you know that if you find property and you have a means to determine ownership and keep it that is called a larceny (theft)? If you have found property that does not belong to you, or if you have lost something that does belong to you, please call us at (734) 449-9911.  We keep a log of Lost & Found Property and are always eager to return property to its rightful owners.
My neighbor plays loud music at night, what can I do?

Northfield Township has a Noise Ordinance. Click here to read it.
How can I obtain a criminal history report?

Anyone can search the official MSP criminal history record database. The criminal history record database is updated daily with "felony and misdemeanor arrest," "charge and conviction" information as provided by law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys and courts throughout the State of Michigan.  This search includes all public Michigan criminal history information as allowed by Public Act 310 of 2005. This search does not include federal arrests or criminal records from other states.  A search for criminal record information that might be in another state requires you to correspond directly with the criminal record repository of that state. Click here to go to the Michigan State Police Criminal History Records.
I have a vehicle that needs a VIN inspection, what do I do?

 VIN Inspections can be done for local residents 24 hours per day.  Please call (734) 449-9911 and request that an officer respond to your residence to provide this service for you.  We do not charge a fee for VIN Inspections.
My group would like to take a tour of the Northfield Township Public Safety building. How do I set that up?

We offer group tours to area organizations such as boy scouts, girl scouts and day care centers.  If you would like to arrange a tour of our building for your organization or group, please e-mail us with the following information and we will do our best to facilitate a tour for your group:
  • Group Name
  • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Number of People Expected for Tour
  • Preferred Date/Time
  • What topics (if any) you would like us to cover

Click HERE to e-mail us your group info.

How do I request records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act?
Click this link to request records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.