Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch


                                                                    A UNITED COMMUNITY IS A SAFE COMMUNITY

  A group of neighborhood citizens assisted by the Northfield Police Department in becoming aware of the steps that can be taken to make their homes more secure against criminal activity, while providing an opportunity for neighbors to help each other in protecting their entire community.  A Northfield Neighborhood Watch Program requires minimal effort and gets people talking and caring about one another. It opens communication links between our community and our police department.

WHY DO WE NEED NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH? Neighborhood watch establishes a formal network for concerned citizens to report problems to the Northfield Police Department. The citizens provide the eyes and ears of the neighborhood and, thus, criminals cannot and will not operate in an area where the citizens are on alert.

WHAT ARE OUR SPECIFIC NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GOALS? To educate citizens on recognizing suspicious and/or criminal activity and to be the eyes and ears of the community.  A neighborhood that works together to keep an eye out for each other will deter criminal activity.  A neighborhood watch member will be able to identify criminal opportunities and report accurately a suspicious situation, person or vehicle.   To share with Northfield Twp. Police concerns to keep our community a peaceful and safe place to live

HOW DO I ESTABLISH A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUP? Contact Ofc. Tammie Colling, the Northfield Twp. Crime Prevention Officer, at (734) 449-9911 and she will provide you with a complete packet on how to begin your Neighborhood Watch Program. In addition, if you would just like to discuss the philosophy of Neighborhood Watch and how it works, Officer Colling is available to assist you with any questions you might have.