Frequently Requested Ordinances

Listed below are the Ordinances that are most frequently asked about at our Township Office. These Ordinances can be reviewed by clicking on the Ordinance number.  To view any Ordinance not listed below, please refer to the Code of Ordinances link on the left hand side of this page.

Ordinance No. 13-18, Chapter 32; Section 32-54:  Sewer Billing Policy Adjustment Ordinance
Ordinance No. 13-20, Chapter 10; Article III:  Weed Ordinance
Ordinance No. 13-21, Chapter 6; Article III:  Property Maintenance Ordinance
Ordinance No. 13-22, Chapter 16; Article IV: Municipal Civil Infractions Ordinance
Ordinance No. 13-23, Chapter 10; Article II:  Anti-Blight & In-Operable vehicle Ordinance