Downtown Master Plan

What have we been up to?

Downtown Strategic Action Plan

The Downtown Planning Group and DDA recently developed the Downtown Strategic Action Plan.  This Plan will be used as an informational tool to seek potential developers for the site. The DPG will work with the Township Board to incorporate this vision into the Master Plan.

Stay Tuned!!!  More information will be added as details develop. 

Downtown Strategic Action Plan

Community Survey
Community Surveys went out with the 2016 winter tax bills to find out what the Northfield Township Residents would like to see happen at the new Community Park, and we got a tremendous response.  Thank you to all who took the time to give us your input and share your ideas!

Survey Results Summary

Community Park Workshop
Northfield Township held a public visioning workshop on Tuesday January 17, 2017 to gather ideas for the Community Park site. The workshop was attended by approximately 50 people including residents as well as elected and appointed officials. The Downtown Planning Group provided an overview and background information about the project, and described each of the three activities taking place at the workshop. One activity asked people to describe how they wanted to connect the site to the rest of the Township and what opportunities there are to tie the site into the entire community. Another activity asked for ideas on what uses people wanted to see on the site including recreation, housing, and retail. People were also asked to choose among three different intensities of development on the site, with the high intensity options having several different uses and the low intensity uses having fewer total uses. The final activity asked people for site design ideas, with each group providing ideas for a different level of development intensity.

Here are some plan ideas that arose as a result of this meeting.