Community Garden

The Parks & Recreation Board is once again getting the Community Garden ready for another great growing season.  The Community Garden is intended to be a public space reserved for residents allowing them to have an area to grow their own fruits and vegetables using raised beds.  The fees for 2023 have been set at $25.00 per plot plus a $20.00 deposit that will be refunded at the end of the growing season if plots are cleared.

  • FEE:   The usage fee is to help cover the costs of maintaining the Community Garden such as supplying mulch, soil, compost, water buckets and hand tools; purchasing building materials to construct and/or repair the garden boxes; and paying for any other maintenance that may be required.  $20.00 deposit will be refunded at the end of the growing season if plots are cleared.

  • GARDEN AGREEMENT:  Beginning this year, you will be asked to sign a Garden Agreement for each growing season.  This agreement is to acknowledge that you are aware of the fee that is being implemented, assigns a specific plot number to you, and includes a “Waiver of Physical Damage or Injury”.  Plots will not be assigned until the Garden Usage Fee and signed Garden Agreement is received.

  • PLOTS ARE LIMITED:  In years past we were able to allow use of multiple plots by individuals.  At this time, there is a large number of people on the list from last year, and we have already gotten a number of requests from new people.  In order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the use of our Community Garden, we cannot guarantee the use of multiple plots this year.  We will try to accommodate requests for multiple plots as best we can but again we cannot guarantee multiple plots.

  • ELEVATED PLOTS:  There will be 8 elevated plots this year for those that have physical difficulties.  These plots are smaller (4’x4’) but are twice as tall.  If you would like an elevated plot please let us know.  The Garden Usage fee is the same amount for these elevated plots.  Elevated Plots are limited, so we cannot guarantee availability.

  • WATER PUMP:  There is a hand-pump on-site for gardener use.

  • SHED: We are working on repairing the shed on-site for storage of community-use buckets and hand tools.  The shed will also be available for gardeners to store their gardening equipment.  Use of the shed for personal equipment will be at your own risk as the shed will NOT be locked or monitored.  If an item is of value to you, please do not leave it in the gardening shed.

  • The best way to contact us is at
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If you are interested in maintaining a plot this year, please send a message to with your name, contact information, and the number of plots you are interested it.  Please note, if you are requesting multiple plots, we try to accommodate all requests for multiple plots but also do not want to have to turn people away that are interested.  
If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for improvements, please let us know.  Hope to see you all soon!

Anyone interested in reserving a space or in volunteering their time to get the gardens up and growing, please call 734-449-2880 or e-mail us at 

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