Dispo Cannabis Dispensary Whitmore Lake

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Before trading in his stethoscope to start The WellFlower, Rob was an emergency room physician & healthcare executive. He experienced firsthand the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in the treatment of cancer & how, in many ways, it overcomes the limitations of western medicine. Trent is a former marketing executive with roles in healthcare, consumer product goods, & beverage/alcohol. It had always been a dream of his to build a company from the ground up in an industry where he can have a tangible effect in making lives better. Together, these two cousins created The WellFlower, a medically driven cannabis company, founded on a belief in the untapped wellness potential of cannabis to create healthier, thriving communities.

We are believers in the therapeutic power of cannabis. That is why our product selection, our training, & our store experience are all grounded in medical research & training led by Dr. Rob.

We are believers in the many dimensions of wellness beyond the physical. That is why we devote ourselves to building relationships with the people & neighborhoods we serve, just as much as we devote ourselves to providing the most enriching cannabis experiences.

We believe in the unlocked potential of cannabis to improve each individual’s life. That is why we connect people with the cannabis solution best suited for them & their wants, needs, & desires.

We believe in providing a remarkable cannabis experience. That is why we strive to serve with empathy & enlighten you to the benefits of cannabis, all in a welcoming, no judgment setting. The most novel ideas & most memorable moments can come from the most familiar places. The idea for The WellFlower was dreamt up in Rob’s living room while a record spun in the background. That’s why our stores feature a signature record player set against a welcoming backdrop, not too unlike our own living rooms. We hope you feel at home in our stores as you join us in our cannabis journey.