We are the Northfield Township Police Department:   A multi-functional agency that strives to meet the needs of the citizens of Northfield Township.  Our members consist of:

    • (One) Director of Public Safety:  William Wagner 
    • (One) Interim Lieutenant:  Martin Smith
    • (Three) Sergeants:  David Powell, Jason Roberts & Scott Schultz
    • (Six) Full-time Police Officers
    • (Two) Part-time Police Officers 
    • (Five) Reserve Police Officers
    • (Two) Civilian Administrative Personnel   

All employees are key to the mission of the township and to the department.  The civilian personnel provide important duties such as records processing, primary citizen contact, and administrative assistance. The remaining individuals are the sworn officers you see vigilantly patrolling the neighborhoods and streets of Northfield Township every day. Some of these individuals, dependent on rank and status, also work behind the scenes providing investigative services, ordinance enforcement, and administrative duties for the police department.


Our office is located at the corner of Main Street and Seven Mile, at 8350 Main Street in Northfield Township.  You will also find Northfield Township Fire Station #1 and the Township Offices located within our building.  The "Hamlet" (or downtown) area of Northfield Township, also known as Whitmore Lake, is situated just off US-23 between Brighton and Ann Arbor.  Northfield Township covers a majority of Whitmore Lake, as well as parts of South Lyon and Ann Arbor.  The land in Northfield Township is diverse in nature, and includes everything from lakefront property and downtown apartments, to rural farmland and beautiful wooded areas.  


Our purpose at Northfield Township Police Department is to serve our community and the residents who live and work here.  We do this by providing police assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  Our department is indeed "service oriented" to the people it serves.  Employees are equipped and prepared to assist individuals with anything from being locked out of their houses or cars, to crisis situations that may unfortunately happen. Through the understanding of community interaction and accountability, the police department hopes to continually enhance its service to the citizens of Northfield Township.